Spine (Clamping Strut)

The Spine (Clamping Strut) is an indispensable component for construction professionals, contractors, and anyone seeking a reliable solution for securing external Plasklad systems. If you’re looking to ensure the stability and structural integrity of your hoarding and screening projects, this product is tailored for you.

  • Provide stability
  • Provide structural integrity

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Main Benefits:

  • Enhanced Structural Support: The Spine (Clamping Strut) serves as the backbone of your external Plasklad, providing crucial support and stability to your hoarding and screening systems.
  • Optimal Length: With a size of 2360mm, this clamping strut is designed to meet the specific requirements of your projects, ensuring a secure and precise fit.
  • Robust Build: Crafted from high-quality materials, this clamping strut boasts exceptional durability, making it capable of withstanding the challenges of outdoor environments.

Elevate the stability and performance of your external Plasklad systems with the robust and reliable Spine (Clamping Strut). Choose structural integrity, tailored sizing, and durability for your hoarding and screening projects.

Price: £15.09 (excluding VAT)

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  • Material: Premium construction materials chosen for their durability and resilience.
  • Size: 2360mm in length
  • Weight: 2.2kg