Panic Paddle For Single Emergency Exit Doors

The Panic Push Paddle Exit Device For Single Doors is designed for spaces requiring swift and secure emergency exit solutions. It’s an ideal choice for low-occupancy areas used by personnel familiar with the exit strategy, such as offices, private flats, and store/boiler rooms. This device ensures the safety and ease of exit for occupants.

  • Ideal choice for low-occupancy areas
  • Ensures the safety
  • Ease of exit for occupants

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Main Benefits:

  • Swift Emergency Exit: The push pad emergency exit latch device ensures a quick and secure exit in emergency situations, offering peace of mind to occupants.
  • Security Grade 3: Rated at 2000 Newtons, this device provides a high level of security, making it suitable for various environments.
  • Fire and Smoke Door Compatibility: It is suitable for use on fire and smoke doors, ensuring compliance with safety regulations.
  • Handed or Easily Reversible: Supplied handed but can be easily reversed on-site for added flexibility in installation.
  • Manufacturer’s Guarantee: Backed by a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee (T&Cs Apply), offering long-term reliability.

Ensure the safety and security of your occupants with the Panic Push Paddle Exit Device For Single Doors. Choose reliability, security, and peace of mind for your emergency exit needs.

Price: £75.62 (excluding VAT)

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  • Type: Push pad emergency exit latch device with single-point rim latch.
  • Door Size Compatibility: Suitable for single doors up to 1300mm wide and the first opening leaf of rebated double doors.
  • Security Grade: Rated as Security Grade 3 with a force tolerance of 2000 Newtons.


Can you install a panic bar on any door?
They can be installed on most doors, but it is important to consider factors such as door type, location, and building codes to ensure proper installation and functionality.

How does a panic bar work?
A panic bar is a horizontal bar that runs across the interior side of the door. It is typically a spring-loaded metal bar that, when pushed, releases the latch, and allows the door to open. A push bar, on the other hand, is a vertical bar or plate that is mounted on the interior side of the door.