Smith & Locke Medium Duty Push-Button Lock (Digi Lock)

The Smith & Locke Medium Duty Push-Button Lock (Digi Lock) is tailored for anyone seeking a secure and convenient access control solution. Whether you’re a homeowner, business owner, or property manager, this mechanical push-button lock provides a reliable way to safeguard your doors.

  • Customizable Access Control
  • Convenience and Durable
  • Universal Application

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Main Benefits:

  • Versatile Access Control: Equipped with a 4-6 digit code length and the ability to store a single user code, this lock offers flexible access control. Grant entry to trusted individuals without the reliance on traditional keys.
    Convenient Holdback Feature: The optional holdback feature permits temporary unlocking of the door, making it perfect for high-traffic areas or special events.
    Durable Keypad: Boasting a 14-button keypad, this lock guarantees precise code input, effectively minimizing the risk of unauthorized access.
    Universal Compatibility: Its non-handed design simplifies installation and ensures compatibility with a wide range of door configurations.

Why Choose the Smith & Locke Medium Duty Push-Button Lock Over Competitors?

  • Ease of Installation: Our lock is designed for effortless installation, reducing the need for professional assistance and saving you time and money.
  • Extended Knob: The extended knob ensures comfortable and easy operation, improving user experience.
  • Suitability for All Environments: Built to withstand both internal and external conditions, it offers consistent security regardless of location.

Simplify and enhance your access control with the Smith & Locke Medium Duty Push-Button Lock (Digi Lock). Choose straightforward security, convenience, and versatility for your property.

Price: £31.25 (excluding VAT)

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  • Code Length: 4-6 digits, offering flexibility and security in access control.
  • User Codes: Capable of storing 1 user code, making it easy to manage access for trusted individuals.
  • Follower: Equipped with an 8mm follower for reliable and precise locking.
  • Extended Knob: The extended knob ensures effortless operation.
  • Holdback Facility: Optional holdback feature for temporary unlocking, enhancing convenience.
  • Keypad: Features a 14-button keypad for accurate code input.
  • Finish: Presented in a sleek silver finish that complements various door aesthetics.
  • Suitability: Designed for use on both internal and external doors, guaranteeing consistent security.


Is Smith & Locke a good brand?

Smith and Locke are specialists in making a wide range of door locks and latches, from thumbturn cylinder locks and euro cylinder locks, to mortice locks, to door handles and hinges.

They make hardware that is fit for the purpose intended but they also ensure that they design it so that there are options available to match the wide variety of décor styles, like a pre-existing grey aesthetic for example, and at a reasonable price.

Who is Smith and Locke?

Smith & Locke locks and padlocks are specialists in making locks for nearly all situations. They have stock levels for a range of ironmongery locking products made to the highest standards, giving you the confidence to know you are buying a high quality product.