Glassbolt for Emergency Fire Doors

The Glassbolt for Emergency Fire Doors is designed for businesses, offices, and facilities where safety and security are paramount. It’s ideal for interconnecting doors used as fire door breaks, ensuring both security and quick emergency access.

  • Ensuring security
  • Ensuring quick emergency access

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Main Benefits:

  • Enhanced Safety: This Mark two Redlam Bolt offers enhanced safety for your premises. It’s designed to secure interconnecting doors while allowing quick and safe access during emergencies.
  • Deterrence: The need to break and replace a tube to open the bolt serves as a deterrent, preventing the misuse of the door for convenience.
  • Reliable Security: Manufactured from cast iron aluminium, Redlam panic bolts provide reliable security for internal emergency exits, ensuring your facility complies with safety regulations.

Choose the Glassbolt for Emergency Fire Doors for a combination of safety and security in one efficient solution. Ensure your facility is well-prepared for emergencies while maintaining robust security.

Price: £64.97 (excluding VAT)

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  • Material: Cast iron aluminium for durability and safety.
  • Operation: Designed for interconnecting emergency exit doors, it operates on one side by breaking the tube, producing no sharp edges when smashed.