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When it comes to commercial renovations, there are times when you really don’t need to show the world exactly what you’re doing. It could be for reasons of confidentiality, safety or just that you’re in the thick of building site hell and don’t want anyone to see the mess until the new build is revealed.

Whatever your reason, you will be on the lookout for a hoarding system that keeps pedestrians at a distance from the site while perhaps utilising the hoarding’s considerable footprint to tell passers-by what is planned there, or maybe to advertise your business or construction company.

The solution is to choose a high quality temporary hoarding that is attractive yet unobtrusive, providing effective cover for the life of the project. At Plas Shop, we have worked with many top UK businesses and department stores including Marks and Spencer, Hugo Boss and IKEA, among many others, and we know exactly what our clients large and small require to create proper segregation and a safe working space.

Why temporary hoarding?

As well as keeping your site private, there is a legal requirement under the Health and Safety At Work Act 1974 and the Construction Design and Management Regulations 2015 that there must be secure fencing or hoarding around a construction or demolition site to ensure the public are safe. Temporary hoarding of the kind we supply also keeps unwanted intruders away – very useful when you have expensive tools and materials in the vicinity.

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What we supply

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of temporary hoarding, we only offer the very best to our discerning customers who demand strong, cost-effective solutions. For example, our Plasloc 2400mm Board is a highly versatile solid panel that is as much at home safeguarding a construction site as it is managing crowds at events. The board is built from uPVC, making it lighter and cleaner than traditional timber hoarding, and is highly durable. Because it is a locking configuration, there is also no need for ground penetration. And because these boards each measure 2400mm x 300mm x 35mm, their lightness means they strike an excellent balance between portability and coverage.

We also supply the Plasloc 300mm Overdoor Plank (Overboard) which has been specifically designed to screen doorways or other access points. The tongue and slot joint design ensures a secure, tight fit, saving time and labour costs.

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As well as uPVC hoarding panels, we also supply all the accessories you need to complete your screening project. We sell prefabricated baseplates, fillable ballast bottles – that you can fill and empty to suit your requirements – as well as right-angled corner modules and U-tracks that help to support the tops and bottoms of the boards. All our products are of the highest build quality and, if necessary, we can provide a quote for installation.

With Plas-Shop, all your hoarding needs are covered under one roof. Our products give your project a high degree of professionalism combined with a no-fuss yet flexible approaching to all your screening needs. For more information and expert advice from our friendly team contact us here or give us a call on 01626 241124.

Areas we Serve

Shop direct with Plas-Shop, we serve the entirety of the UK and have done for 15 years; collaborating with major brands such as John Lewis, Mercedes Benz and NatWest.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch on 01626 241124 or contact our sister company Plasloc located at our head office in Newton Abbot or our stores in Welwyn Garden City and Bradford.

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